Enter a world where records are broken, obstacles are overcome and the best of the best meet. Unparalleled in the world, this unique, multifunctional complex is a haven for discerning visitors, professional athletes and teams, sports enthusiasts, families, business leaders, professionals attending a conference, as well as health and wellness seekers.

After spending most of the day at the x-bionic sphere top congress facilities, congress attendees can unwind and relax in the luxurious wellness center, enjoy an exclusive selection of restaurants and bars, lounges and recreational areas.

The x-bionic® sphere is located in the middle of Europe, in the vicinity of two major capitals and their international airports: Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. It is easily accessible from every European country within less than 3 hours.

Convention centre

The power of change

The x-bionic® sphere celebrates the power of change by providing unique business and research facilities to creative thinkers, progressive experts and scientists. Powered by the premium and high-tech philosophy of X-BIONIC®, the worlds leader in functional sports gear, the x-bionic® sphere represents an offspring of innovation, providing leadership in the development and promotion of worldwide sports technologies.

  • 1850 pax capacity within Congress & Event spaces
  • 2 large congress halls, 3 medium congress rooms, 7 small meeting rooms
  • 2 outdoor atriums and 500 pax capacity within spacious foyer
Variability is designed into the x-bionic® convention sphere. With a large variety of congress halls, meeting rooms, outdoor terraces and other venue options featuring latest video conferences technology and dedicated team of conference and banqueting specialists – we can ensure your business or event needs are met. Directly connected to the x-bionic® private sphere, there is no shortage of options when it comes to accessibility and function.


x-bionic flavour sphere
APANI restaurant

APANI restaurant

First-class Japanese cousine

APANI offers healthy Japanese specialities prepared by experienced Slovak chefs under the leadership of Chef Illeš, an expert on Japanese cuisine. Whether you order the world renowned tempura, a salmon tataki, a beef steak, or a traditional curry, you can't make a bad decision.



Menu for a reasonable price

Olym-Pick offers a wide range of meals and beverages of your choice. The offer includes home-made pasta prepared in different styles, genuine Italian risottos, crunchy pizza, meals prepared on lava grill, or international cuisine.

Farrier's restaurant

Farrier's restaurant

Steak house with a Tuscan stove

Located by the entrance to the x-bionic equestor sphere, Farrier's Steak House offers exceptional grilled meals cooked in a genuine Tuscan stove, designed by food industry artist Paolo Parisi. That is why the Farrier's restaurant food delivers unmistakable aroma and taste.

Legends' Bar

Legends' Bar

An ideal place for informal meetings

With jazz music playing in the background, Legends’ Bar is a place of perfect harmony. The bar atmosphere is enhanced by occasional gigs of artists and regular live sport screenings. Enjoy a drink, challenge your friend in a bowling or billiard game or just sit back and relax to live piano music.


x-bionic private sphere hotel

Highest standards
X-BIONIC® HOTEL offers accommodation in 282 rooms and is designed to cater not only sports teams for training camps but also offers a large convention area for your next business meeting, expo or conference, in the most beautiful settings of a private resort.

Luxurious rooms
At the X-BIONIC® PRIVATE SPHERE, all hotel rooms are spacious, tastefully decorated and equipped with the latest in room TV information technology system to ensure you do not miss any possible activity available within the resort.

Exceptional Service
Included in the accommodation price are rich breakfast (buffet table form), free entrance fee to modern gym that spreads across three floors, free wifi in your room, and free parking at the hotel parking lot.

Special accommodation discount
X-BIONIC private sphere hotel is an official partner of the IVBM Slovakia conference and it will give all attendees an accommodation discount. To get the accommodation discount, enter discount code IVBM2017 during the booking process on the hotel website http://x-bionicsphere.sk/en/hotel.

The universe of

Sports, Leisure and Innovation

Enter a world where records are broken, obstacles are overcome and the best of the best meet.

Wellness & Sports

Strengthen and relax your body
Olympic perfectionism meets almost limitless diversit. The x-bionic® sphere celebrates the magic of sports like no other place in the world. With its unsurpassed range of sports facilities including 27 Olympic disciplines, the x-bionic® sphere qualifies itself as the #1 destination for professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs.


x-bionic® wellness sphere is the perfect place to restore your physical and mental energy after a hard day. You can select from seven types of sauna, together with outdoor plunge pool, relax in a pleasant atmosphere of the tepidarium, three jacuzzies or the Kneipp bath.



You’re welcome to enjoy one of the best equipped fitness centres in Slovakia. Divided into three zones (Power zone, Cardio zone and Group exercise), it spreads across 3 floors and is 1000m2 large. It is open from 6am to 10pm.



With its unsurpassed range of sports facilities including 27 Olympic disciplines, the x-bionic® sphere qualifies itself as the #1 destination for professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs. Whether you like swimming, running, cycling, soccer, or volleyball, x-bionic sphere has it all. And much more.



The unique Tuli® Cinema with its original design is the first of its kind in Slovakia. Its colourful styling and exceptional architecture will cheer up the visitors right away. The movie screenings are scheduled regularly from Thursday to Sunday every.